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Pre K , Ages 4 to 5 years old

image-rotator2Our 4 to 5 year old Pre-K program provides a dynamic and nurturing environment where your child will continue to develop healthy life skills including; independence, manners, social skills, problem-solving, and active listening. This program gives your child a wonderful jumping-off point for successfully entering Kindergarten.

Our gifted teaching staff are dedicated to channeling your child’s energy and curiosity into creative activities that teach letter and number recognition, first and last name, beginning penmanship, and patters. Our program celebrates the individuality of each child and when our attentive teaching staff recognizes a child’s interest or curiosity about activities such as sight words, we will provide opportunity for that child to further explore the subject. Always meeting children where they’re at elicits greater opportunity for the child to gain the self-confidence and pride that translates to success in all areas of their lives.

Through one-on-one attention and small groups our Pre-K programs gives your child the best foundation for building on when he enters Kindergarten. Through a variety of hands-on activities your child will improve his visual skills, coordination, and brain development.

Using positive reinforcement and redirection as our main forms of guidance, we will provide your child with an environment where he can practice new and interesting concepts while learning which behaviors are acceptable and which are not. Additionally, our compassionate teachers will help your child to appropriately interact with his peers by mediating conflict and teaching healthy problem-solving skills. At this age, it is common for children to physically express their feelings, which is not tolerated in Kindergarten. Our teachers are terrific communicators and work diligently to identify opportunities for the children to properly address and talk about what they are feeling. Being introduced to this expectation in Pre-K will give your child a strong foundation to build on when he enters Kindergarten, giving him greater opportunity for success.

When your child attends Pre-K at New Horizons you can feel assured that he will spend his days learning and growing in an environment that is safe and provides several opportunities throughout the day for him to feel challenged, engaged, and proud.