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Ages 3 1/2 to 4 1/2

preschool medford picCritical-thinking and self-expression are important in further fostering the independence of this age group. Our staff pays special attention to providing opportunities for the children to learn new and more complex concepts in an effort to build on the foundation provided in earlier years. For children in this age group, activities that involve repetition and trial and error provide the best opportunity for learning. Their natural curiosity encourages them to participate in activities such as; tracing and using pencils, counting, learning the difference between numbers and letters, and name recognition.

Each child is unique and acclimates to our child-directed activities in their own way. Our compassionate teaching staff will interact with your child on his level and make note of emerging interests. Once identified, those interests are then incorporated into the daily activities and explored using a variety of learning styles including small groups. By providing a variety of ways to participate and learn, every child is given the opportunity to feel pride and self-confidence as they master each concept.

The classroom is set up to provide each child the opportunity to learn and grow. Our focus is to help your child to gain a positive self-image and appropriate social skills. As your child is guided through our program, he will develop a bond with his community of friends that will move with him into Kindergarten. This culture of caring and connection further helps to make your child feel safe and gain self-esteem, two traits that are integral to a positive learning experience.

Each of our teacher-supported activities are meant to address a specific area of learning. For instance, art projects using a variety of mediums including; chalk, finger paint, and watercolors, provide an opportunity for your child to exercise his senses and fine motor skills. Seeing, touching, and feeling various art mediums helps to stimulate your child’s mind and teaches him more about the world around him. Story time, singing songs, and working with letters and numbers helps your child to develop his conversational language skills.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment rich with opportunity for your child to gain confidence while participating in the activities that he feels successful at, as well as learning and trying new things so that he is always gaining more self-esteem. With a positive self-image and confidence your child will find greater success in everything he tries.