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Ages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2

ChalkFor many children in this age group, this is their first introduction to the school environment. Children in this age group find safety and security in a routine and consistent schedule. Our caring staff provides this by incorporating structure and a balanced daily schedule.  By providing the structure that keeps your child feeling safe, we help to encourage trust and lay the foundation for your child to build a positive self-image and confidence.

At this age, your child is naturally curious and asks many questions. Our attentive staff will listen to every word, making sure your child knows he has been heard, and will respond to your child with an answer that encourages expressive conversation and further exploration of their environment. Nurturing independence and respectful interactions is integral to your child’s development. We provide a healthy culture for your child to practice their social skills. Your child will be encouraged to use manners and will have many opportunities to complete tasks independently, which helps to build confidence.

At New Horizons Preschool, we celebrate that each child is unique and special and we are dedicated to meeting their individual developmental needs. By providing your child with an environment filled with positive reinforcement and responsive interactions, they will learn healthy emotional, social, physical, and intellectual skills.

Our dedicated and experienced staff members will guide your child through a balanced daily schedule of enriching activities. This includes songs, shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. Each concept is introduced one at a time so that your feels proud of themselves. Social interactions are important to your child at this age, therefore, we provide a circle time so your child can join his friends to discuss daily topics and learn about participating in a group. During circle time we also read a story to your child, further stimulating his senses.

We know that your child learns best when he is actively involved, therefore, we provide hands-on activities unique to the preschool skill level. These activities include art projects and interactive play that exercises small and large muscle groups. When your child is ready, we will guide him through the potty-training process in a way that is nurturing and builds confidence.

Your child will transition from the 2.5 to 3.5 year-old program feeling empowered as a creative problem-solver with healthy social skills.