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After School Program

Back-to-SchoolFor children attending a morning session of Kindergarten, we offer a Kindergarten enrichment program. A certified driver will transport your child from either Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Kennedy Elementary, or Lone Pine Elementary to our facility.

Our well-rounded Kindergarten enrichment program compliments the concepts being taught in Kindergarten. Our skilled teachers focus on academic activities that reinforce what the child is learning in Kindergarten including; reading, writing, fine motor and personal development skills.

Our dedicated teaching staff will provide academic support for your child to further practice concepts he is learning in Kindergarten. Our program provides many opportunities for your child to participate in hands-on activities including; reading, games, stories, singing songs, and art.

Our program is focused on providing your child with a positive environment so the can establish and foster relationships with peers and adults while developing their intellectual, emotional, social, and creative growth.

Children in our enrichment program further their practice of Kindergarten concepts after their day at their elementary school Kindergarten program has finished. Our dedicated teaching staff will work with your child on the concepts and themes he is learning in Kindergarten. For instance, recognizing the difference between letters and words, penmanship, sight words, and math.

Our compassionate teaching staff recognizes that your child has already had a full and involved day when they arrive at New Horizons. While we will create time to reinforce what your child is learning in Kindergarten, we will also provide time for unstructured play so your child can easily practice his social skills and continue to foster the bonds and relationships he has with his peers.

Continuing to learn how to verbalize his feelings is an important part of your child successfully acclimating to Kindergarten. In our nurturing Kindergarten enrichment program, your child will be provided the opportunity and guidance for respectfully interacting with his peers.

At New Horizons we are dedicated to giving your child the safe and fun environment that helps him to learn and grow. The concepts he is learning in Kindergarten will be further instilled and the important life skills that will help him to be successful in all areas of life will be reinforced.